A unique bespoke seal for securing NCR ATM Cassettes.

So,why did we develop this unique seal for NCR Cassettes? 

The NCR ATM Cassette is the most widely used model of cash cassette worldwide.  Hundreds of cash cassettes are moved from cash centres to cashpoints every day.  The NCR cassette itself has small lugs which are challenging to seal quickly adding extra cost to cash processing. 

In addition, traditional pull up seals are time consuming to feed through and leave plastic tails protruding from the cassette lugs which get in the way when loading the cassettes into the cash machines. 


Our ATM II solution: 

  • is 50% faster to apply
  • cannot be partially pulled up leaving it vulnerable to attack
  • sits flush against the cassette
  • can be bar-coded and easily scanned from it's flat position


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